Hi, I'm Patrick
I'm a software developer who likes music, books, and outdoor activities.

This is my digital laboratory.
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Sept 22, 2022
Learn to build better products
This article collects resources on product strategy and creativity.
Sept 14, 2022
Python Tutorial: Comprehensions
Using Python comprehensions to create lists, dicts and sets.
Sept 13, 2022
React Tutorial: Drag and Drop
Create a drag-and-drop feature with the react-beautiful-dnd library
April 28, 2022
Start small
While I was having breakfast with my wife this morning, she was grumbling that she wasn’t rich enough to help people...
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Web App
An online workspace for remote workers
Web App
Drag and Drop
A React.js app with drag-and-drop effect.
Web App
Security Movement
A small full-stack application for managing security movements
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