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Building better software products are a huge motivation for most of us. However, being great at programming is not enough. A piece of perfectly crafted software is not necessarily a great product. A great product should be something people want. Building something valuable is not enough. You much find the right market to survive and thrive. Having a sound business model is not enough. Strategies to compete are needed. If your chosen market has too many competitors and me-too products, it is better to be more creative and solve problems unconventionally.

Here are some resources that help us become better product builders and entrepreneurs.


Blue Ocean Strategy

  • It gives you ideas and methods to innovate and create unique values in a competitive market.

Creative Confidence

  • The Kelly brothers from IDEO share experiences that make a person and an organization more creative.


  • A recently released book by Tony Fadell, the "father" of the iPod. Chapter#3 talks a lot about how to build great products. For example, he mentions the importance of customer journeys and customer profiles.

Processes and methods

Design for Delight (aka D4D)

Design Kit, created by IDEO

Blue Ocean Strategy tools and frameworks

If you have other helpful resources, please share them in the comment session below。 🙂

Sept 22, 2022

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